The first time I fell in love with You

Do you remember 
how it was?
I felt 


you were there,
as you have been.
for a long time.
I was too preoccupied 
with my insecurities
that I took no notice.

how I have been blind?!
How can one miss
so beautiful,
so truthful,
so good?

How can I 
have not noticed?
How can I 
have been blind?!
You were there!
You never left,
even if I’ve shunned,
ignored Your sweet 
sweet presence.

Oh, Your Grace, 
You were always there!
You allowed my walls, 
my defenses to fall
so that I might notice You.
And when I did,
You never hesitated.
You offered 
your hand again,
that hand 
I rejected, 
several times.
That hand which 
I then took,
still with apprehension, 
with hesitation.

But I took it,
because I know 
deep in my heart,
it is in Your hand 
where my hand 
truly belongs.
I know 
deep in my heart,
we shall dance.
We shall dance 
as lovers should dance.

And that’s where it all started.
That dance.
That dance
where I felt 
the depth of Your desire,
the depth of Your sincerity,
the depth of Your love.

You have loved me first.
That’s when 
I have loved You since.


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