Flash fiction #5: Confrontation

She stared at the box on her lap. It was heavy for something that looked very small. Its sides were painted with prints of an ancient language she felt she had once spoken in some distant timeline. But she knew what she was going to confront once she opened the box. So she took a deep breath before placing it on the floor in front of her. With a sudden snap of a finger, the cover of the box flew from its top. Then slowly, a reptile-like creature slid out from the square package. The scratchy noise created by the movement of the creature’s black, scaly body against hard paper made the hair from her nape rise and send a cold shiver down her spine. Alas, when the huge beast was completely out of that tiny carton, it stretched out its bodice to fully reveal its terrifying and magnificent form.

And there she stood – unmoved – face to face with the dragon of her past.


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