Falling into His Arms

On the first day of April of this year, I was in an airport, waiting for a delayed flight. I was glad to be seated beside a loquacious grandmother who was travelling alone back to Davao. I was experiencing some emotional swings at the time, due to physical exhaustion, and the Lord was generous enough to send her to me, to keep my spirits up. I’ve always loved listening to other people’s stories – that is those which are told by persons with so much heart and so much enthusiasm to share some parts of their life to impart a lesson. This grandmother was one of those persons. She told the recent events of her life with chuckling smiles, and shared her long-ago “US immigration” stories animatedly (she possesses dual citizenship). She also shared how she met her husband, and her take on how this young generation differs so much from the one she belonged. I don’t know, but hearing the lullaby-like voices of mothers or grandmothers brings me to a state of peace and pensiveness.  My moments with her were preludes to my meditations while waiting for my flight. And after telling her stories, and when she had gotten tired of seating and needed a walking exercise, I retreated in silence to my corner, and started to pray, and simply fell into the Lord’s arms. Lord, I’m physically drained. I thought to myself. But why did you let me hear her story? After a few moments of trying to sift through the old lady’s life, I looked around me. The airport was filled with people anxious to get home, early. There was already tension at the airport, right after hearing a passenger shout at some airport employees for the delayed flight. Lord, I entrust our circumstance into Your care. I also need to go home early to finish up some pending responsibilities. I will be taking an exam in a subject I really find difficult to comprehend. A talk I need to prepare for… A venue I needed to arrange for a sister in community who’s getting married… My list went on. I ensured that the Lord would know all the things I needed to do. And He whispered to me, Everything will turn out fine. Heard the old lady? She has been through a lot, and she said to you that everything turned out fine. Gosh, anxiety. “Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7” I just fell into my lover’s arms. O my sweet Jesus, I’m sorry for my weakness. Thank you for the holy week that passed, for the joyful time with my family, and for the informative training. Thank you also for cancelled dates which allowed me to rest, and for little moments of grace.  And from then on, I walked to the plane with a smile, and by the Lord’s grace, with stronger faith and grateful heart.


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