A letter to my future teenage daughter*

Because I overheard a conversation of teenage kids while waiting for my barbecue near the sidewalk of Ateneo de Davao High School, I felt compelled to write this letter:

Dearest Future Teenage Daughter,

I love you so much and you have grown to be a beautiful young lady. I hope that though our relationship will not be perfect and smooth sailing, you would still be proud that I am your mom. I also hope that you would still see me as beautiful (and cool, i might add) despite the wrinkles that have slowly formed around my eyes and my mouth for smiling too much, when I am seeing your face, and for painstakingly sharing with you the wisdom I have gained through the years in the words I speak and through my different facial expressions. I hope you would still proudly say, “I have a beautiful mom,” even if I can no longer maintain a slim/slender physique due to a slowing metabolism brought by old age and child bearing. I am full of joy when the Lord allows me to carry life inside my womb, thus i am not afraid if bringing back my younger physique is no longer biologically possible. Please remember my dearest, sweetest daughter that the beauty of a woman is determined by our Maker. The beauty of a woman is measured by how receptive she is of God’s grace and how willing she is to be a vessel of God’s love. Remember our dear Mama Mary. She is the epitome of womanhood. May you always seek her help, as she freely allowed herself to become the Lord’s Vessel. No matter what the world says about beauty, look at our dear Mother. The Mother of Christ. She will tell you what beautiful means. Gently. In her silent strength.



*Reposted from my previous blog account. This entry was written on 21 July 2014.


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