Noontime Rendezvous

“I’ll meet you at noon,” I said.
I thought I could spare some time.
“I’ll wait for you,” You said.
I pretended not to hear.

At noon, I talked.
You listened.
I smiled quietly.
I may not have heard You speak of it
but Your eyes tell me, “I’m here.”

“Let’s do this again,” I suggested,
With a blush, with a bite of my lip.
“Sure!” was Your immediate response.
“Let’s meet at noon,” I concluded.
“Let’s!” You said with a smile,
and with Your beautiful voice trailing off…

At noon, I chattered a bit.
You listened.
Quietness filled the void.
And I was content.
You started to speak,
and I immersed myself
in Your beautiful voice,
in Your comforting words.

“Tomorrow? Again? Noontime?”
You concluded.
This rendezvous ending so soon?
I yearn for more time with You.
Thus I replied to Your question with a nod,
reassuring You with my silence.
“I am excited for tomorrow,”
I whispered.

And so, every noon time,
I meet You.
I recline to hear You,
To receive You,
To let You touch my heart.


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